Color the Green Movement Blue: A Remedy for Environmental Health

Color the Green Movement Blue: A Remedy for Environmental Health
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Color the Green Movement Blue: A Remedy for Environmental Health
by Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.

Industrialization, reliance on natural resources for technological advances and easy living, land development, and demographic trends toward urbanization have led to a disconnect with the natural world. The disconnect is becoming increasingly obvious in the environmental cures offered by many in the green movement—prescriptions often based on preserving natural resources with demagoguery and not science and falsely claiming that humankind is a contaminant of nature and not a component of its order.

It is lack of appreciation for the full spectrum of human links to the environment that results in misguided efforts by the green movement—efforts that center on making an industry of environmentalism and rely on superficial gestures, such as the gimmickry of carbon credits. Color the Green Movement Blue is an attempt to systematically remedy environmental health by establishing a culture of ecology founded on an understanding of ecosystem relationships, precepts of conservation, and a blue-collar value system.

A blue-collar value system includes the study and understanding of intelligent design as the basis of working of ecosystems, participation in angling and hunting to gain hands-on facility with conservation, and unionizing advocates into a grassroots coalition to advance environmental health through political activism.

This approach to environmental health is called “blue-collar conservation” and its undertaking is to Color the Green Movement Blue, which is a remedy for environmental health.

About the Author

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr., is chairman and cofounder of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation, and New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects. Each of these nonprofit organizations is doing exceptional yeoman work for environmental stewardship.

Mr. Mauro is a celebrated activist for outdoor issues and an accomplished educator of the precepts of conservation. He spearheaded a grassroots movement that united outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen and led to the defeat of two incumbent animal rights legislators in New Jersey—a movement also responsible for the election of several pro-outdoor candidates.

Mr. Mauro was instrumental in forming the New Jersey Angling and Hunting Conservation Caucus, New Jersey’s first committee comprised of legislators dedicated to learning about the principles of conservation as they relate to fishing, hunting, trapping, forestry, and ocean ecology. He was also selected by Governor-elect Chris Christie to serve as a member of his transition subcommittee for environmental protection.

Mr. Mauro has authored the books The New Age Hunter and Take Me on Safari: A Family Affair.

(2012, paperback, 184 pages)

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